Getting Trained

1. Find a Training Date that Works for You
2. Register for that Date
3. Within 24 hours of registrationSample Functional Emotional Fitness Certificate

  • You will be designated as a pending FEF™ Practitioner​ at
  • You will be able to see several hundred pending clients and the reason they are seeking a Functional Emotional Fitness™ Practitioner (Not allowed to contact until after training)
  • You will be granted access to your FEF™ Tools
  • You will be sent the instruction set for the date you registered

*If there is not a training date that works you can request a date.

Training Timeline

Functional Emotional Fitness™ Practitioner Training takes three days, four hours per day and will take place on the Burris Connect website.

Training Outline

Certification Requirements & Timeline

Certification Requirements:  After your Training, you are required to put three people through the Functional Emotional Fitness™ process with before and after data collection and one follow up.

Certification Timeline: If you have three clients lined up prior to training, you can complete your certification in as little as two weeks.

Certification Completion

After completion of your certification, you will go Live at and be ready to start accepting new clients.

You can stay at the top of the page at Burris Connect simply by signing in every day. 

Support After Training and Certification

You will have 60 days of full support from the Burris Institute. After that, you have the option of continued support for a small monthly or yearly fee.

Support Options