Change your Subconscious

Beautifully simple, but not simplistic.

Once you understand how your emotions work, you may begin to control them.

Subconscious Restructuring® is the process which provides improvement for Functional Emotional Fitness™. It teaches us to understand the journey of an emotional state; how it is created and how to change it.

Developed over 32 years, Subconscious Restructuring® is part of your actionable, step-by-step tools for your clients to reclaim normal.

It’s an approach that rapidly brings about measurable change and optimum Emotional Fitness.

Works with who you are, and where you're at.

Subconscious Restructuring® is a fundamentally different approach in restoring clients to Emotional Fitness (mental health). It is the foundation which enables other modalities to work.

It doesn’t require therapy, medication or massive amounts of willpower.

Just the time to learn a simple technique and enough commitment to begin using it.

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