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Within the community, you can monitor, manage and work with clients.

Plus, promote your results, and interact with other FEF™ Practitioners. community

Integrated Emotional and Gut Health Measurement

FEF™ Practitioners are judged by their outcomes, but how can their outcomes be measured accurately?

Emotional and Gut Health Measurement™ ensures Emotional Fitness by using a 22-point 3 instrument FEF™ checklist and a 22-point three instrument gut health checklist to first define normal and subsequently to facilitate evidence-based measurement of individual progress toward the clients' objectives.

Because the best counseling or coaching leads to measurable outcomes.

Monitor Progress

When you can measure emotional and gut health, you can track a client’s progress.

If the client has worked with other practitioners, you can also access that data (with the client’s permission).

This enables you to quickly evaluate an individual's immediate needs.

Find People - Help People

Accelerate your practitioner career by becoming a Functional Emotional Fitness™ Practitioner, and help people realize their potential to live better lives.

Just as we stand behind the FEF™ Practitioners we train, helping them reach their potential.

Burris Connect is a community that helps FEF™ Practitioners and clients find each other.

Private and Discrete

In a culture obsessed with scandal, gossip, and innuendo, privacy can be elusive.

Burris Institute provides very effective online coaching without the need for potentially awkward office visits.

Functional Emotional Fitness™ achieves Emotional Fitness (mental health) through a proven, well-defined online ecosystem.

Our clients enjoy absolute privacy, sharing with FEF™ Practitioners, only what they feel comfortable sharing.