Can Regret make us SMALL?

There was once a man who loved to go fishing.  Whenever he had free time he would take off to one of his favorite fishing spots.  In fact, he loved his fishing trips so much that he often neglected his business and family responsibilities in order to get in a little extra trip or two.  He was often found missing at work related meetings and family gatherings with no explanation. 

Follow Your Heart

I sat behind the bullet proof glass at my newly cushy job with the Alberta Government in a Calgary court house as a judge's assistant, I found myself this it?  Is this my life?  Everyday, from 9am-4:30pm, I will be here…"there has to be more" I thought…"there is more"…Then I would go home, which consisted of half hour train ride then a 45 minute drive in rush hour traffic (ewe), and find comfort and peace on my yoga mat.