I empower clients to increase their own control over eating, exercise, and other weight-related behaviors.  Kelly's SR process is a powerful tool for achieving this goal. 

A psychological approach to weight loss is unique because clients are permanently transformed.  Increases in motivation, improved decision making, and greater knowledge follow my clients wherever they may be.  Strict adherence to diet plans is often unnecessary, as someone who is empowered to make quality decisions can lose weight in any environment. 

Kelly Burris' SR program helps clients become empowered for permanent weight loss in 2 ways:

1.  Subconscious restructuring literally changes how a person thinks.  Clients take control of the subconscious processes that determine their conscious thoughts.  Cravings present themselves less frequently and are less intense when they occur.  Motivation to exercise emerges from the subconscious more often and with greater intensity.  Making good health choices becomes MORE AUTOMATIC and LESS FORCED.  The fantastic result of this is weight loss success without burnout or stress!

2.  Clients empowered by subconscious restructuring improve their mood, and achieve more in life.  Losing weight, like any task, requires some effort to maintain.  It is easier for clients to allocate mental and physical energy for this purpose when they HAVE MORE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ENERGY.  SR is proven effective against depression, but in my experience it IMPROVES HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS in nearly every client who participates.  Moods improve from "okay" to "great" , and from "good" to "wonderful".  Quite simply, finding the strength to meet your goals is easier when the rest of your life is not dragging you down!  This effect is particularly strong for those who find relief from depression, anxiety, or poor self-esteem through the SR process, but nearly everyone gets this "whole life" benefit that makes everything they do a bit easier and more focused.

Message me at bharward@me.com if you would like to experience the benefits of SR as part of a comprehensive weight loss program. 

For others thinking of becoming a coach, please consider this:  The SR process can improve the mental health of your client.  No matter your industry, this can aid in your specific goals.  The SR process may improve psychological characteristics that are predictive of success.  Examples of this are improving core self-evaluations, internalizing locus of control, and increasing optimism.  These changes, which I believe are a common result of the SR process, increase the likelihood of success with nearly any enrichment or therapeutic program.