Is well being affected by the political environment?  

Politics dictates everything we do or want to do.  

How can we have therapy with Political Compliance or ideologies which interfere with therapy as we shall show.  The goal behind subconscious restructuring is the discovery of the Self behind the self image.   Accelerated Personal Growth gives us the power of becoming conscious volitional beings.

Are environmental signals being manipulated by the social, economic, educational and political systems to control our bicameral brain, namely the right hemisphere?Environmental signals stimulate approximately 50 trillion cells in our body.  The surface of our cells have antenas, self receptors that have an identity, they are receivers of Self, (that receive instructions or messages.  We are not our body, we are a community of cells.

These messages are received by processing proteins within the cell and move in response to the signals which change shape causing motion where there was no motion before.  Motion is life.  This in turn produces a physical sensation.  This entire process is known as perception.  The resulting perceptions go through a filter to give us our sense of reality.  That filter is our brain which stores our belief system in the subconscious mind.  It is here that determines what we come to know or not know.  There is an old Missouri saying, "show me and I will believe".  It is all wrong because "we only see what we believe."

The message is loud and clear.  We can learn that perception controls behavior; perception controls our genes; perception can rewrite our genes and that perception can rewrite behavior.

There are no boundaries to these signals.  We are all connected and interact with these signals in a seamless dance of life called entanglement.  The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day is the same life that runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measure.

Is stress being manufactured to create confusion and a distraction?   Why?

If in fact it is manufactured, then, as we all have come to learn,  it decreases the effectiveness of our immune system and our body produces cortisol in the process.  This is a jittery molecule which causes the body to store more fat.  Remember that the definition of Stress is the interpretation of a physical or psychological threat.  This is all bicameral right brain activity.  There is no space for thinking here unless this information is sent over via the corpus colosum to the left brain.  This is always subject to the forces of nature.  Flight or fight.  There is no volitional consciousness here in the right brain.  Remember that approximately 95% of all our activities and thinking  is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. We are on automatic pilot being run by programs stored in our subconscious mind that we are not even aware of.  The bicameral mind does not integrate, think or make decisions.  It just reacts automatically.  There are no conscious choices.

Darwin more than implies that we are animals of nature and that may be true for our bodies while quantum physics can show us that we are no longer animals of nature since we have made a quantum leap into consciousness,  although we still crave animalistic stimulations, those forces of nature.

Most modern day "authorities" use two techniques to control the masses given their ideologies.

1.  We are made to feel guilty.  We are condemned for having lost our innocence by inventing Consciousness.  We are condemned for assuming the responsibility to use our own mind.  We are condemned for exchanging our automatic bicameral life... condemned for exchanging our nature given  bicameral mind for a superior, man invented conscious mind.

2.  We then are offered automatic solutions to problems and guidance through life into an effortless Garden of Eden or a utopia hereafter if we exchange our own invented consciousness for faith in external authorities.. a bicameral faith in some leader, doctrine or god.  We are offered the "reward" of escaping the "self responsibility" to make our own decisions and to guide our own life.  But, for that "reward" we must renounce our own mind to follow some one else's mind or higher external authority other than you. 

Why is this happening?

Most politicians have a history of creating problems where none previously existed.  Which end up being value destroyers.

Contrast this with politically -free entrepreneurs, business entrepreneurs who create values where none previously existed.

Honest business entrepreneurs turn ideas into cars, airplanes, computers and turns inventions into lighted homes, filled with music and T.V.

Honest business eliminates disease, hunger and crime.  Business if left uninterupted may even eliminate death.

Honest business eliminates problems and creates never before known values, conveniences, fun and happiness.  It even establishes avenues of communication and interaction.  it means that business is an invention that allows us to see that we are all connected by creating and putting expanding values into society.

External authorities then present solutions to the very problems that they created.  These authorities and the media generate mind-created realities used to create false standards and guilt designed to beguile us into surrendering our earned values, power and happiness to increase taxes and regulations.

Remember the altruist motto... "for the social good" which is just a clever way of saying "politicize society", rule over the people and play god with their money and lives.

Always remember whenever you hear an altruist call for sacrifice, a red flag goes up to warn you of their dishonesty in their quest for power because they have none of their own.  They come from a dark sense of lack and scarcity.  They have no sense of the abundance and love surrounding us which is the only reality. 

 Health and well-being requires that we become conscious volitional beings.  The forces of nature are predicated on "impulses" while the forces of consciousness are predicated on "Stimulation" from the "new mentality" and integrated thinking produced by integrating both sides of the bicameral mind.  


George Maris, 

Certified Subconscious Restructuring® Coach