As a recently Certified Subconscious Restructuring® Coach/Counselor, I find myself noticing when people spontaneously program the subconscious mind to get much-needed answers.  One such example came across my desk today in a 1985 Texas Monthly article on aging gracefully by Liz Carpenter, the journalist, speechwriter, and activist in the women's movement in the 70s.  I know, 1985 was a long time ago, already!  But Mrs. Carpenter passed away this Saturday and a friend forwarded the article.

Now Liz Carpenter was a prominent political figure in her day, and when you read the article it's clear in what circles she traveled.  But that's not what got my attention.  What I notice is how she challenged herself every day to stay focused on getting what she wanted out of life.  It was a spontaneous act, a skill that she must have learned early. 

Now, thanks to Subconscious Restructuring®, everyone can systematically develop their own empowering question and other essential skills for programming the subconscious.  Skills that were not modeled by parents or mentors can be learned by anyone--including entrepreneurs, executives, and business managers--and applied to every aspect of our lives--health, family, and work or career.  Contact me to find out how SR® can improve all your aspirations.