It is important to be open to the possibility of change.  We all have tremendous potential for joy in our lives. It is also important to occasionally take inventory of our fears.  What is it we fear?  It is often something very vague and non-specific.  All too often our greastest fear is either of what might be or what might have been.  Upon honest examination, we find that we are afraid of being afraid or we are afraid of failing!  This keeps us from attempting to do those things in our lives that would bring us great joy and fulfillment.  I don't believe in failure.  When what we have attempted to do does not work, that is not failure, that is FEEDBACK!  We then have additional knowledge as to what doesn't work. We can then try something different.
I enjoy helping people with life's challenges!  We always have the right to choose how we live our lives. I believe that CHOICE is when you can think on purpose, not when you're a victim of your thoughts!
The only way we can fail in our lives is to quit trying!