We are not the body. We are a community of approximately 50 trillion cells.  They are independent. But, they are also coordinating their function harmoniously as if they were part of a philharmonic orchestra, just as in Bach''s 7-part fugue except this is a fugue which is infinite.

It is about infinite possibilities seeking manifestation 

The computer and your body are photons of light held in an electromagnetic field. 

Our cells know that if the structure is not being used, it will not support it. 

Our bodies are like machines except we are made out of protein. Proteins move in response to signals. These signals are controlled by the cells membrane which reads the signal and then adjust the body by sending signals to the body that are responding  to environmental signals. 

The environmental signals are perceptions by definition which are an awareness of the environment through a physical sensation.  These perceptions may not be accurate and thus they are really classified as a belief more than a perception. 

In summary, beliefs run the genes.  The truth is that you are not genetically controlled; You are controlled by your perceptions. 

Signals are not just physical or material.  They are energy and information.  This energy is equally valuable as are molecules. 

Case in point: The Role of the beliefs of  a parent selects genes in the fetus. 


How beliefs can re-write your genes. 

Self-Receptors are receivers of Self.  The Self's identity comes from the antenna's.  Identity comes from the cells antenna's Self-Receptors. 

So, memory comes from the antenna's and in essence, we are not even in our body. 

You are not in your body.  You are receiving signals and messages from the environmental signals that produce a physical sensation. You are here and everywhere as pure potential seeking manifestation born out of desire. 

Take for example that a mother always has the child's cells in her body.  The fetal cells migrate in the mothers system and are connected on the same wavelength. 

Reality is more than a physical body.  Spirit persist regardless.  Reality is more of a Spiritual identity interconnected with everything.  Quantum physics calls this entanglement. 

Beliefs are created in the brain or sub-conscious (right bi-cameral brain) which adjust the body to match the belief. 

Brain waves are transmitted into the environment (HeartMath Institute) and impacts people that are close to us. 

You can change beliefs intantaniously .  Evolution and creation is simultaneous and identity appears to exist outside the body here and everywhere at the same time (omnipresent). 

George Maris

SR® life Coach