I like this topic because it is on everyone’s mind. "How do I become successful? or, How do I make it"? How do I become confident?

Fact is that you cannot make it if you come from a place of lack or want.
There is no substitution for confidence other than success.
Re-member that when the student is ready the teacher will appear as well as when the teacher is ready the student will appear.
All relationships and encounters are learning devices and opportunities to train our mind!
There are some techniques that you can use to point someone in the right direction.
Look for and nurture:
    1. Desire
    2. Enthusiasm
    3. Determination
    4.  Action
    5. Persistence  
With your subconscious restructuring training you can accelerate a client’s personal growth if you integrate the conscious mind with the subconscious mind. If not, you will end up with cognitive dissonance. You can also accelerate personal growth with muscle testing in a matter of 5-10 minutes along with subconscious restructuring.
You have the training to recognize, access and change all of the "I can't messages" which produce cognitive premature commitments. Replace them with
 "I can messages."
Studies in Quantum Physics shows us that our bodies are photons of light held in an electromagnetic field and the conscious mind process information at 2000 bits/second. Contrast that to the subconscious mind that processes information at 4 billion bits/sec.
Subconscious restructuring provides us with an opportunity to become "Conscious Volitional Beings." 
Re-member that all fear stems from separation. It is the ego's (our psychological form) projection resulting in fear, anger and attack.
Perfect love cast out fear. Love is all there is. Fear is an illusion that really does not exist. Again, re-member that anything that changes cannot be real. And anything that is real cannot be threatened because it is changeless and permanent.
Please see blog on Dialogue on Fear and Reality.
George Maris, CSRC