Females under age 30 who are not under 15% body fat, are not involved in drugs or alcohol and are still functioning normally at school or work have consistently taken control of their eating disorder with the Subconscious Restructuring Process in two two-hour sessions.

Anorexics are a unique demographic.  All I have worked with over the past 23 years have been either well educated, very bright or both. This disorder in large part is about control. Once an anorexic learns how to take control of the internal processes that determine their emotional state, they will continue to use Burris Emotional Measurement and the SR™ process on their own. This is the only demographic that will do this consistently.

The FEF™ Process is unique to all other modalities in that it does not need nor does it find a client’s history useful. Control of any disordered behavior requires control over one's internal processes and analyzing the history of a client simply does not afford this.

I introduced the first iteration of Subconscious Restructuring  Process into the eating disorders wing of a psychiatric hospital in Long Beach in 1990. The psychologist who headed up the program at the time wrote a letter to corporate recommending integration of the process into the hospital. Corporate politics kept her and I from helping any more people there. This scenario continued to repeat itself and kept me relegated to helping people one by one until I initiated training of other coaches in 2002 then went full time with it in 2007.

Over the years, I have worked with MDD, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, relationships, weight loss, and substance abuse with tremendous success but I found that I liked working with the eating disorder demographic the best. Without revealing my history, I can say that control over the self-ranks beyond control over anything else. This is why I suspect the Emotional Measurement Process I developed works so well with the eating disorder demographic.

Anorexics have the highest fatality rate of any psychiatric disorder yet in my opinion, they are the easiest to fix given the above parameters. This has always deeply disturbed me as I faced fierce resistance from mainstream mental health and continued to be relegated to working with this demographic one by one. This is about to change however with the use of social media which enables me to continue on a grassroots level but with more people aware there is a fix.

All Certified Burris Coaches are trained to produce measurable outcomes for all eating disorders in two two-hour sessions. I have always guaranteed my work in regard to anorexics. If you are, part of this demographic and need help please contact me for details. 

About Kelly Burris, PhD, MBC

Kelly Burris has defined ‘Normal’ in an industry, that only defines broken or disordered. He is the developer of the empirically sound Subconscious Restructuring process and founder of Burris Institute. With over 150 medical references Subconscious Restructuring represents a scientific breakthrough in mental health, and it has done this without meds, labels, or personal history.

As part of the Burris, ecosystem Subconscious Restructuring Practitioners can manage, track and interact with current and future clients after certification on BurrisConnect.com. This same ecosystem enables corporate, military, and educational entities to supervise and monitor the performance of their internalSubconscious Restructuring (mental health) infrastructure in the cloud.