Success, it is difficult to give this word definition because we all have different measures of it. Success is subjective at best, however, there are a few principals and trains of thought commonly agreed upon. Some of these ideas are best express in quotes, for example:

“Success is not forever and failure isn’t fatal.” ~ Don Schula

“You are never a loser until you quit trying.” ~ Mike Dikta

“Success is dependent on effort.” ~ Sophocles

There are no shortage of great success quotes, only a shortage of resolve to live by the words. Successful living comes at a cost, the price of pain. You choose either the pain of self-discipline or the pain of self-sabotage. Self-discipline is hard at first, fills you with positive emotions, and eventually empowers you with an easy life. Self-sabotage is easy and seemingly rewarding at first, but ultimately produces guilt, shame, anger and regret that will keep you down.

Successful living is continually spending your time in any way that expresses your greatest love and joy.

Finding ways to express your love and joy IS your purpose. So what’s the ideal way you like to spend time? Can you picture what you would do if you didn’t have to do what you are doing right now? If not, then finding your passion and purpose might be the place from which you start.

The most important thing when it comes to success is to START, somewhere, anywhere, is doesn’t matter. The only thing that ever matters is that you promise to grow and get better from wherever you are. If this advice sounds simple it’s because it is. 

There is no secret when it comes to success. The concepts within the following 7L’s of Success are no new discovery in human potential. However, the potential for true change is found with your commitment to follow the 7L’s for 7 days. For the next week your challenge is to find a way to do ALL of the 7L’s before you go to sleep every night. Do it and watch your life change. 


1. LET GO What can you let go of today? Where can you practice more patience or tolerance? Who must you forgive? Let go of the past. What lessons from the past will you now see as a lesson to feel good about? 

2. LEARN What did you learn today? Never go to bed the same person you were when you awoke. Each day is like many different field trip experiments, each one offering the opportunity to gain more knowledge. Have fun staying curious.

3. LAUGH What did you laugh at today? Did you have a chuckle to yourself or a belly-aching laugh? Did you have to resort to finding humor in something that you did today? Make any mistakes? Smile, your human!

4. LIGHTEN Who’s day did you lighten up today? Who’s day was made happier by something that you did, or even just by presences? Take a load off a loved one’s shoulders. Be responsible and independent so you are not a burden to anyone.

5. LIVE  Did you live life the your fullest today? Did you live today by your core values? Are you expressing your purpose? Enjoy your adventure by filling everyday of life to the fullest with your experiences. Live each day free and to the fullest without regrets.

6. LEAD Who did you lead today? Who will you lead tomorrow? You are either a leader or a follower, leading or following at all times. It is ok to do both. Recognize the leader within yourself and others. What influence do you have with people? Do you like what you are ‘putting’ out there?

7. LOVE What did you love about today? Who did you show love to today? Showing and expressing love is a wonderful use of time. What else is better really? You can always love more. Not sure who to love or how? When in doubt, love everyone from the inside out!

Remember… your challenge is to commit to doing all of the 7L’s each and every day for one week. Your hunger for success is measured by your resolve to make it happen. If you want success you are going to have to first work for it. Get a head start on your success by getting started today. If you take the challenge be sure to write Russ and let him know your results.