During a recent visit to my local Wal-Mart store, I had an experience that got me to thinking about our ability to change OR more specifically our resistance to change. We tend to become creatures of habit.  Some of those habits are things we wish we could change but just don’t seem to know how. My local Wal-Mart is undergoing major renovations. These renovations consist primarily of reorganizing things in the store so that our Wal-Mart will be set up like most of the other stores across the country. To accomplish this, they are relocating several of the departments within the store. This also involves moving merchandise to new locations. As I walked through the store today, I was amazed at the various reactions of the shoppers. A few seemed to be tickled at the adventure of finding things. Now that so much had been moved around, they looked like kids on a scavenger hunt. Other shoppers had a very focused look in their eyes as they searched intently for items whose location was once known but was now “somewhere out there!”

Then there were others who seemed so confused that they stood in places where their desired item had once ALWAYS been located and now, seeing something totally different in its place, just stared. They stood with this look of, “perhaps if I gaze here long enough, what I need will magically return and I will be OKAY!” They were so thrown by the change that they appeared very stressed.  Doing what they had always done before was not longer working.   In fact, I overheard one conversation between a customer and employee where the customer was saying “please just walk around with me, I don’t know what to do!” How do we get this way? The way our brain works, every new experience or piece of information that comes into our life, we first process at the conscious level. We will continue to process this new information consciously until we become fairly comfortable or skilled with it. Once we are comfortable or skilled, the information is moved to the subconscious level. Remember when you first learned to drive?

You were so focused on how much pressure to put on the throttle while keeping the car steered between the lines and trying to watch your mirrors! You probably tried to keep anyone from talking while you were driving in an effort to minimize distractions. All the while you were swerving this way and that, speeding up and slowing down while maintaining a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. Yet only a few days or couple of weeks later, you could drive into town, listen to the radio, talk to your passenger friend and eat a hamburger all at the same time. By this time, you had repeatedly used the information enough that it went from being a conscious behavior or effort to a natural response which places it into the subconscious. As a general rule, the things we do well are things that now come from the subconscious processes, Things we don’t do so well yet are still being handled at the conscious level. Habits are things we have done so many times that they have moved from our conscious to subconscious mind.

Yes, we can become quite skilled at bad or unwanted habits. In order to make changes and reduce the stresses in our lives, we must access the subconscious part of our mind. How do we do that? There is a process known as Subconscious Restructuring which does exactly that! It teaches you how to bring subconscious information back into consciousness and make the desired changes so that life is enriched, more fulfilling and healthy. Too many of us are living every day like those shoppers at my Wal-Mart. We need not be stressed or confused. We don’t have to LET LIFE LIVE US, we can be LIVING LIFE! We can THINK intentionally and LIVE intentionally.  When what we are doing isn't working for us, we can do something different.  The first step is the desire for change. It is human nature to constantly seek for that which is familiar. That is why many of us continually get the same kind of dead-end jobs over and over, find ourselves with the same type of unhealthy relationship again and again, or feel like life will never be better because we always seem to end up in the same place.

When we begin to intentionally access our subconscious, we experience an excitement and motivation that gives us both the courage and motivation for change. The process of Subconscious Restructuring gives you back control of your own life. You are no longer controlled by old information and habits. You live life with passion, purpose and direction. A Certified Burris Life Coach is also a Certified Subconscious Restructuring Coach. This is the person who can teach you the process that will give you back control of your own subconscious mind and transform your life!