Absolute Must

Goal Setting is one of the most fundamental undertakings when we consider future success. We know that top-level athletes, successful business leaders and achievers use this technique to stimulate short-term motivation and help in maintaining long term vision.  The intent is to bring focus to your life's undertakings.

Was Fort Hood Shooting about Jihad or Indicative of How Broken our Mental Health System Is?

Nidal Hasan needs to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted for this despicable crime but it is important not to use him as yet another excuse for the incredible incompetence of the mental health industry. The most important information from the Generals and mental health professionals about the Fort Hood shooting will not be revealed until the media ask better questions and demands hard evidence in regard to these questions.

Why Warrior?

I’ve received some recent inquiries upon launching my new website.  Some questions are about the pictures on the site and a few comments have been made about the use of stones.  In a soon to be released e-book, the images of nature will be explained.  The focus of this blog post is dedicated to the questions around the use of the term warrior.

Some ask, “why warrior?” Others inquire, “Are you going to teach me to fight?”Or “how can I accomplish more in my life if I am at war with someone?”