Kelly Burris, PhD, MBC


Registration deadline: March 7

March 9, 2018
8:00 am - 12:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
March 10, 2018
8:00 am - 12:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
March 11, 2018
8:00 am - 12:00 pm America/Los_Angeles


Online trainings are conducted with online meeting software and a call-in phone number. You will be provided with detailed instructions and support upon registering.

Registering at Burris Connect
Registering at BurrisConnect.com enables immediate assignment as a Pending Coach and you can begin populating your profile, setting up eCommerce and become familiar with how you will manage, track and get new clients before your training.

12 Hours of Training Will Empower You to Produce Outcomes Like This

17 Targeted Issues You Will Learn to Measure and Improve 

  1. Depression   
  2. Anxiety
  3. Negative Self Talk           
  4. Anger   
  5. Sleep   
  6. Hopelessness   
  7. Self-Esteem     
  8. Eating Behavior
  9. Decision Making             
  10. Hatred (Self-Others)     
  11. Suicidal Ideation             
  12. Love (The Emotional State)         
  13. Self-Confidence
  14. Motivation and Focus   
  15. Communication
  16. Relationship Satisfaction              
  17. Stress

What You Will Get

  • Everything in your Burris Coach training is documented and available in your CBC Tools
  • Your three CBC Guidelines are central to your tools, exclusive to the CBC, and are laid out in script form.
  • Your CBC Guidelines cover Adults, Ages 9-17 and Warriors (Military).
  • The CBC Guidelines are what enable us to fully train you in 3 days and enable consistent outcomes with all Certified Burris Coaches.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn How to Define Normal and How to Get and Keep Your Clients within a Normal Range
  • Learn How Thought, Emotion and Behavior Work 
  • Learn How to Interrupt, Restructure and Reprogram any  Thought, Emotion or Behavior Which Does Not Work
  • Learn Why Emotional and Gut Health Measurement is Imperative for Success in Functional Emotional Fitness™ (mental health)
  • Learn How to Consistently Produce Measurable Improvements in Two Two-hour Sessions
  • Learn to Produce Measurable Outcomes at Every One Hour Follow-Up Session
  • Learn How to Manage, Track and Get New Clients Worldwide at BurrisConnect.com
  • Learn How to Set Up Workshops with Built-In eCommerce From Your Personal PayPal
  • Discover the Basic Tools Needed for a Social Media Presence
  • Learn How to Take the Next Step and Become a Master Burris Coach

Who Will Benefit

Burris Coach Training and Certification is designed for executive and life coaches, clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, MD’s, teachers, trainers, fitness trainers and other practitioners who work with people on a personal level.


Functional Emotional Fitness™ (mental health) training is designed to work as a foundation for other modalities, so we do not have specific prerequisites. However, just as we train and support our coaches with a passion for excellence, we expect our coaches to have a passion for helping others and improving their lives.

Certification Designations

Upon completion of your certification at Burris Institute, your official designation will be CBC (Certified Burris Coach). Because of our 26-year efficacy in depression, PTSD and eating disorders the Burris Certification signifies the absolute best in Functional Emotional Fitness™ (mental health) Coaching. 


I saw the difference immediately for myself in something I have worked on for a long time.
I like statistics, facts and I like data, all of which the Burris Life Coach system had.